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CT - Copper Toxicosis (Labrador Type)

Copper Toxicosis in the Labrador Retriever is similar to the disease found in other breeds in that it manifests itself as a build up of copper in the liver of affected animals. Unlike the disease seen in Bedlington Terriers, the Labrador form is not inherited as a recessive trait. The mutant genes have an additive affect, so one copy of the mutation increases copper levels, and a second copy when present increases levels even further. This affect is somewhat more extreme in females than in males. The mutation responsible for copper toxicosis in Labradors has been identified by researchers at the University of Utrecht. Our test is based on their findings.

Result Types:

0 copies of the CT mutation

1 copy of the CT mutation

2 copies of the CT mutation

A mutation was also identified in a second gene which can ameliorate the affects of a CT mutation to some degree. Any Labrador which tests positive for either one or two copies of the CT mutation will also be tested for this second dampening mutation.