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How to place a VetGen order online

Canine Sampling is easy: Oral Cheek Swab!

  1. Click on 'Place a secure order ONLINE for Canine now' link at bottom of this list.
  2. Click on your breed from the list that will appear.(Try MOST BREEDS if your breed is not listed.)
  3. A shopping cart page will apppear that shows all testing we currently offer for your breed.
  4. To order simply click ADD TO CART.
    Identify each item added to the cart as Animal #1 etc from the list box at the far left to obtain volume discounts if applicable.

    You will receive one sample collection kit per dog, which is sufficient for running any number of tests for that animal.
  5. Once all desired items have been added to the cart, please click CHECKOUT to proceed.
  6. Please, do not attempt to Go Back once you have left the cart page. This could cause duplication of the order.
  7. You will be given an opportunity to review your order and to select from a list of shipping options. Payment can be made with Visa or Master Card.
  8. Be sure to print a copy of your order. You will receive an email of the paid receipt.

*Click on test name for more information. Hit GO BACK button to return to shopping cart.

image of arrow pointing right Place a secure order ONLINE for Canine now

A DNA sampling kit will arrive shortly from VetGen

Once your order is complete, you will receive a pre-paid testing kit from VetGen that may be used at any time. It will not expire. Your DNA sampling kit contains 2 bar-coded cytology (cheek) swabs for each dog in your order, sampling instructions and an Order Submission form.

When you are ready to test, swab your dog according to the instructions provided, complete all available information on the order forms and swab cases and return to VetGen in the envelope provided.