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MCM (Maxillary Canine-Tooth Mesioversion) aka Lance Canines

A recent publication from Dr. Leigh Anne Clark's lab at Clemson University has identified two mutations that play a significant role in both the inheritance of lance canine susceptibility (MCM) and overall body size. The mutations are in two distinct genes, but are completely linked to one another in the Sheltie breed. Vetgen has developed a test for these mutations and recommends using it, not for size, but for MCM susceptibility only. The mutations are fairly common, so we suggest not breeding away from the mutations entirely. Instead, we suggest breeding to avoid producing animals with two copies of the mutation. Of the 65 MCM dogs in the study, only 2 tested with 0 copies of the mutation, 21 tested with one copy and the remaining 42 tested with two copies. Of the 100 control dogs (MCM free) in the study, 35 tested with no copies of the mutation, 53 tested with one copy and 12 tested with two copies of the linked mutation.


0 copies of the MCM-linked mutation

1 copy of the MCM-linked mutation

2 copies of the MCM-linked mutation
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