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In addition to offering genetic testing service for the detection of targeted equine disease, in this case for SCID in the Arabian horse, VetGen offers two additional valuable services. These services, DNA Profiling and DNA Storage, can be ordered at the time a genetic test is requested, or at any other time, independent of other tests.

DNA Profiling

VetGen encourages you to have your horse DNA Profiled to establish positive identification. Some of the reasons why you may wish to utilize this service include:

  1. VetGen's DNA Profiling service positively identifies your horse in the event that it is stolen and subsequently recovered by a third party.
  2. This service can be used to verify or exclude parentage.

Most stud book registries have been using blood typing for a number of years and many are now switching to DNA profiling which is rapidly becoming the accepted form of testing for permanent identification and parentage.

For those Registries who would like to take advantage of VetGen's profiling and storage services, VetGen offers a unique opportunity of combining profiling and disease testing, now in a convenient and cost effective one time package for their members.

DNA Storage

VetGen will store your horse’s DNA sample for ten (10) years. Some of the reasons why you might want to utilize this service include:

  1. As VetGen continues to develop new DNA tests for genetic diseases, you can use your stored DNA to test your horse instead of repeating the sample collection process.
  2. As VetGen develops new DNA tests for canine genetic characteristics other than diseases, you can use your stored DNA to test your horse instead of repeating the sample collection process.
  3. Stored DNA can be used for horse identification or parentage determination at a later date.

Sample Collection

VetGen’s sample collection process is easy and non-invasive. By following the simple instructions provided in VetGen’s Sample Collection Kit, horse owners and breeders collect DNA samples using a soft cheek brush. By brushing the inside of the horse’s cheek, cells containing DNA are collected. It is this DNA sample that VetGen uses for profiling and storage, and for genetic testing, if ordered.

If using your own tubes for blood sample collection, please send 3ml whole blood in EDTA Vacutainer (purple top tube) labeled with the horse's name and, if applicable, name of veterinarian. No chilling or freezing necessary. Return by regular mail.