VetGen DNA testing and services available for French Bulldog

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DNA Disease Testing  
CMR1 D249   
Cystinuria D343   
DM SOD1-A D264   
Hereditary Cataract D218   
HU-Hyperuricosuria D243   
PRA (crd4/cord-1) D231   
French Bulldog 6 Test Disease Panel D457   
CHG-Congenital Hypothyroidism with Goiter D355   
IVDD risk, CDDY Chondrodystrophy & CDPA D413   

DNA Color & Coat Testing  
ChromaGene - "e" test – yellow/ white-cream-red-apricot C220   
ChromaGene - "b" test – black vs. brown/chocolate/liver C221   
Cocoa – French Bulldog primary chocolate gene C269   
ChromaGene - "d" test – blue/isabella/dilute C231   
Complete K Locus - includes brindle C227   
ChromaGene - "Ay" test – sable/fawn C222   
ChromaGene - "a" test– recessive black C226   
ChromaGene - "Em" test - Mask C225   
Chromagene - "S" test - white/parti/piebald/landseer/flowered/spotted C252   
Red Dilution C267   
Comprehensive E Locus Panel C323   
French Bulldog Coat Length C268   
Coat Color Panel e,b,k,ay,a,at C301   
Coat Color Panel k,ay,a,at C302   
Coat Color Panel d,e,b,k,ay,a,at C300   
Coat Color Panel d,e,b,k,ay,a,at,s,cocoa C324   
Coat Color Panel at,a C322   
Merle C201   

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