VetGen DNA testing and services available for German Shepherd Dog

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DNA Disease Testing  
DM SOD1-A D264   
HEM A - Factor VIII Deficiency D304   
HU-Hyperuricosuria D243   
CIM - Congenital Idiopathic Megaesophagus D474   
MPS VII D306   
Pituitary Dwarfism – FTA card Or EDTA whole blood only D272   
RCND D234   
MDR1 D338   
Bobtail D377   
Achromatopsia type 2 (Day Blindness) D385   
Icthyosis D408   

DNA Color & Coat Testing  
ASIP Haplotype Coat Test C273   
ChromaGene - "e" test – yellow/ white-cream-red-apricot C220   
ChromaGene - "b" test – black vs. brown/chocolate/liver C221   
ChromaGene - "d" test – blue/isabella/dilute C231   
Coat length/texture C224   
Complete K Locus - includes brindle C227   
ChromaGene - "Ay" test – sable/fawn C222   
ChromaGene - "a" test– recessive black C226   
ChromaGene - "Em" test - Mask C225   
Chromagene - "S" test - white/parti/piebald/landseer/flowered/spotted C252   
Red Pigment Intensity 1 (MFSD type) C267   
Comprehensive E Locus Panel C323   
Roan C272   
A Locus Panel - ay,a,at C320   
Coat Color Panel e,b,k,ay,a,at C301   
Coat Color Panel k,ay,a,at C302   
Coat Color Panel d,e,b,k,ay,a,at C300   
Coat Color Panel at,a C322   

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